Prayer for Others


Lord, as we come together in our virtual church we give thanks for each day you bestow upon us. We give thanks that Reverend Corrina is still leading us in worship although we are apart we can come together on Sunday mornings so we ask for a sense of your presence as we worship at home.

Lord we give thanks for the ministry of the outgoing Moderator the Right Reverend Dr William Henry and pray your blessing on the incoming Moderator Reverend David Bruce as he continues to prepare for his year of office in this strange season of church life.

Lord we pray for world leaders at this time of uncertainty that you will bless them with wisdom and integrity in their decisions as they make plans for the future in this pandemic.

We pray for your blessing on all NHS staff and other essential workers in their efforts to keep us safe at home. We pray for staff and patients in Nursing Homes that they may be kept safe now as the staff receive the necessary clothing and testing begins. We pray for all who are ill and have lost loved ones that you will comfort them and give them peace.

As the government relax restrictions we pray for children and school teachers that they will be kept safe as they return to school in England.

We pray Lord that we at home who are self isolating and anxious will feel your peace and calm and the ability to think of others less fortunate than ourselves.

At this time we find it hard to think about other happenings in the world. Lord we pray you will open our minds and hearts and pray for the people of India and Bangladesh as they take stock of the devastation left by Cyclone  Amphan. With social distancing it has hampered evacuation. We pray for rescue and aid workers being held up by blocked roads and floods. Bless them and all who have been affected by this disaster.

In Pakistan an air crash has killed at least 99 people. We pray for the families of loved ones at this sad time. Be with them all Lord and give them your comfort and strength.

In our own church we pray for our congregation especially those who are ill or in nursing homes. We give thanks for the Joseph project and the amazing work they are doing. We pray for the volunteers that they will be kept safe as they shop and deliver goods to vulnerable people.

Lastly we pray for our manse family Reverend Corrina, Scott and their children Levi and Ezra. We pray for their health and strength at this worrying time.

We lift these prayers to you Lord in the name of Jesus



 In addition to these prayer requests who else would you like to pray for this week? 

·         Name the individuals or situations before God now.

·         Lord we commit everyone who is on our hearts this morning to your tender mercy and loving care. 

·         We ask for your help in accordance with your will and timing,

In Jesus’ precious name,