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June 2020

Prayer for our Children Blog

June 2020

‘Fix your eyes on Jesus’

 I don’t know about you but it’s very easy for me to compare myself with other people especially during lockdown. I can look at someone who is living on their own and think how wonderful it must be for them to be able to have a lie in in the mornings and not have to read Biff, Chip and Kipper again and again to a P1 five year old! It seems their time is their own and they can do what they like and watch the TV when they want! I am unaware of the problems and difficulties that they too must be going through because I’m not thinking that far...

In John 21 we read of Jesus talking to Peter about Peter’s future. Immediately Peter turns round to John and says “Lord, what’s going to happen to John in the future?” (He wants to check if his own deal with the Lord is fair...) There just must be a human tendency for us to perceive ourselves in the light of other people? Whether accurate or not, the problem is, of course, that the thought can easily gravitate to wishing we were more like the other person. Sadly we can even come to the conclusion that life’s not fair and we begin to wallow in self pity at our situation.

This is when we need to hear the response of Jesus (verse 21). He addresses Peter’s query and adds “You follow Me!!

 1)Who is the One we are to follow?

The One that John the Baptist said was full of grace and truth, the Lamb of God - Gods own Lamb.

John 10:7

John 11:9

John 11:25

John 14: 1-7 and 12

John 14:26

John 15:26

John 15:13

John 17:5, 17

 2)How does He encourage me and help me in the amazing task of caring for myself and His little ones during this time?

John 3:15

John 4:14

John 6: 35 38 and 39

John 8:12

John 10:14 and 15

John 14:1

John 15:5

John 15:7-11

John 15:16

John 16:3

I don’t think we have to make it complicated. I need to choose to fix my eyes on the Lord each morning. We ALL have much to thank Him for.

Run through your day with Him in prayer asking Him for help in each thing you will do. Ask for the strength to do all of these things well. Thank Him that His Holy Spirit is your Helper and Comforter.

You and He will get through that day well!!

You will enjoy listening to this song by Graham Kendrick


 Praying for you all and hope it won’t be too long before we can meet up again.

 *If anyone doesn’t have a copy of John’s gospel, do ask Corrina. I’m sure she has some spare ones you could have.