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United Appeal - Mission Spot

MISSION SPOT – J Brian Milligan

This years United Appeal for Mission is about to commence for
our congregation here in Dunmurry. Last year our Spring and
Autumn collections amounted to the magnificent sum of £5676.
Thank you for your generosity and being part of the Great

The United Appeal for Mission is at the very heart of the
Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Every aspect of the Church's
mission depends to some extent on United Appeal. It supports
projects, programmes and staff at home and overseas. It helps
congregations and individuals to build God’s Kingdom through
youth and children’s ministry, social action and the training of
leaders, for example.

It also supports the production of different resources that
encourages people to grow in their faith as disciples of the Lord
Jesus Christ, so the Good News of the Gospel can be shared.
United Appeal is a huge ministry showing God's love in action to
hundreds of thousands of people through the generosity and
sacrificial giving of Presbyterians from across Ireland. As a result,
we are able to do more together than we could ever do on our

The mission committee plan to have the United Appeal
literature ready for distribution to members of the congregation
from Sunday 26th March.

Your gift may be placed in a white envelope from your pack and
placed on the offering plate on any of the following Sundays.

Thanking you, Mission Committee.