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Clothing Appeal 

in Aid of the Malawi Orphans


Ever Wondered what happens to your Used or Unwanted Clothing?

Well here's some insight of what has been happening on your behalf!

Firstly a really BIG THANK YOU to Sandy McMullan 

without whom you'd just throw your Old Clothes etc., away! 


A letter from Jim Campbell back in March 2011

Dear Drew,

I write to thank the members of the Breakfast Group and others who have helped raise the grand total of £280 for the Visually Impaired Unit at Ekwendeni Primary School. I have already got the money to Robin Quinn, our missionary there, to pass on to Mr Chikana the principal. This unit runs on a very small budget and your generous gift will be of great help.

Very Many Thanks

Jim Campbell





An Email from Antionette Jiskoot sent to Jim Campbell  in May 2011

Dear Mr Campbell,

Thank you very much & your friends for the financial support for the School of the Blind in Ekwendeni. I received your cheque through Helen Quinn & cashed it today, May 13th 2011, K67200 

This is Antionette Jiskoot, staying in Ekwendeni. My husband does teach minor surgery to Clinical Officers, I just support by administering the project.

Last six month a Dutch nurse worked here voluntary in Ekwendeni & took up some extra care,which was and still is needed to upgrade a little bit the situation of the children of the School of the Blind. She did a wonderful job for their welfare. She left six weeks ago & although I am not a nurse, I try to fill in things which are to happen to level them up to at least basic needs. So this money is very welcome & is very useful, (coming just at the right moment as I was running out), to make them to be able to have basins and soap, hats, when needed and some personal care and various things that they really lack.

Thank you very much for your & your friends generosity on behalf of the children!

Best regards from Ekwendeni,

Antionette Jiskoot

Hand written below this email

Dear Drew,

I have just received this thanks for your donations from Dunmurry. Please share it with you friends.

Jim Campbell

  Keep the Clothing coming --- Contact Sandy

if you require the clothing to be collected

or just leave them in the Foyer